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Rabbittown Beverage Company is a SPECIALTY CRAFT BEVERAGE RETAILER located in Fredericton, New Brunswick.
We create, hand crafted alternatives to traditional ready-to-drink Iced Teas. 
We believe tea can be more than just a drink.

All of our drinks are rigorously made to the same high standards.

  • Organic

  • Raw & Unpasteurized

  • Non-GMO

  • Gluten-free

  • Vegan


Rabbittown Coffee Co. was established in 2017 when the founder Stefanie Loukes decided to roast her own coffee beans with a popcorn maker.

At the time, she lived in a tiny apartment across from Rabbittown Park, in downtown Fredericton, New Brunswick.

That first bean-roasting experience was a bit of a disaster. However, Stef came out of it with a vision: to serve locally roasted coffee and hand-crafted iced teas out of a tiny trailer.

From her tiny apartment to a tiny trailer, Rabbittown Coffee Co. has become a staple stop in the summer months (the trailer doesn't do well in the snow).

From coffee to tea…

The decision to pivot from coffee to tea came when Stef was invited to pitch her business and it’s plan for expansion to a group of investors. In a decidedly last minute effort, she chose to pitch putting her weird little iced tea drinks in a can. It was a long shot, but it turned out to be a successful one. Rabbittown now has a brewing facility, and is ramped up to begin selling their first products in the summer of 2020!


Meet the founder!


Stefanie Loukes

Owner & Founder

Coming from a background in graphic design, Stef has put her heart and soul into Rabbittown Beverages. Being a mom of two, working a full time job and being an active member of the community, she creates a lifestyle with Rabbittown that people want to be apart of! 



Peter Stoddard

Business Development & Consulting Port City Delicious Inc.

"Stefanie is a tenacious entrepreneur with an incredible local network, drive for success and a refreshing picture of a modern business person. ”

Kaylee Hopkins &
Stefanie Boucher

Founders, GTFO Adventure Club

"We have been so fortunate for Rabbittown to exist here in Fredericton to provide a local, non-alcoholic option to our participants to keep our activities inclusive to all. Community is often created over the sharing of food and beverage and we are so happy to have had their support in solidifying our community of

confident outdoorists.”

Vanessa Duncan
Owner, Rogue Coffee

“It is always a pleasure conversing with Stefanie. She is a woman of integrity who consistently produces high-quality products. Her business savvy and eye for detail is an inspiration. She is generous with her knowledge and ideas,

a pure delight to interact with.” 

Jenna Bamford


 "Rabbittown delivers on the craft promise: it IS craft not crap like other marketed iced teas. With such a delightful, refreshing taste, it’s an experience!

I savoured every sip."

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