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Ambassador Community

Welcome to the Rabbittown Community! We are a bunch of weirdos who love to be different, appreciate the basic b*tch trends, laugh with our friends and love Rabbittown Beverages! Our Ambassadors are all regular people who inspire those around us, no matter who you are, there is always a place at Rabbittown Beverage for you. Our inclusive community is built upon our Ambassadors and thus creating the ambassador page! We want to highlight their accomplishments and showcase those who truly believe in our mission.


Featured Ambassador of the Month

Trin MacKenzie


Trin recently graduated from Dalhousie University in Halifax and is plant based!

"When I saw Peach and Basil cold brew tea on the menu at one of our local coffee trucks, I knew I had to try it! I think Rabbittown shines a light on unique flavour combinations that people would not try otherwise. I want to spread the word accross Atlantic Canada!"

Jenna MacLean, SK

Featured  Ambassadors

Our Ambassadors are those who live free, are completly themselves and want to make this world a better place! Not to mentioned they are completly WEIRD, just like we are! Being your authentic self makes us proud. We leave you with this: "We are Born to be Wild but only until 9pm" that is the motto we live by :)

DSC_0678 3.JPG
Hailey Martens, BC

Ashley A.K.A Strat, is a member of the Universityof New Brunswick Women's Hockey Team in Fredericton, NB. She has won awards, been named to all star teams and is an active member in the community. She has always remembered being a hockey player and has used sport as a vehicle to make her dreams come true.

"I am so fortunate to join the Rabbittown Community and be apart of the weird is rad movement. Everyday I get to be myself, help others and most importantly enjoy some great cold brew tea!"

Ashley Stratton, NL

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