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A spark that finds fuel can ignite the world

I got a phone call on a regular Wednesday, heading home for lunch from my day job. This call, however, would be the TSN turning point, changing the trajectory of my personal and business lives. I was asked to go on national television to pitch my beautiful little cold brew tea business on Dragons Den. Cool cool, no biggie, just going to scream in my car and spontaneously combust. Allllllllll good.

Take-aways from my experience on Dragons Den

The Dragons can be jerks, but it's TV, baby

I am no stranger to criticism, judgement, and opinions. I was a queer girl in the late 90's for god’s sakes AND I went to art school. I have learned to ignore the judgey assholes and focus on the weirdos.

Weirdos are my favourite. They're authentic, unapologetic, and super interesting. I worked hard on my own weirdness and it worked well going into the Den.

I will never change my personality or my behaviour to cater to anyone's opinion. Just ask my wife. I will, however, take advice from the pros.

The advice I received from both Manjeet and Arlene was incredible, and I'm so STOKED Rabbittown had the privilege of receiving their experienced advice. I did, however, win the weirdness game.

All of the Dragons were quite struck with us. I'm not sure if it was the 17 ginger shots I slammed before going on stage or the cortisol intoxication, but when Michelle Romanow calls you "electric" you do your best not to faint.

It’s fun to do hard things

The best and worst decisions I ever made in my life, were made after saying two simple words: "Fuck it".

Want to start a beverage business with very little knowledge of the industry? Ah fuck it,

Want to jump out of an airplane with a can of tea in your hand? Fuck it, lets go!

My advice is hard things become NOT hard things if you change your focus and jump in.

At the end of this life-ride, I'm gonna have a story - and I'll be damned if I'm gonna live one I'm not excited to tell at the end.

The hangover

I am my own worst enemy. It's natural to be hard on yourself, it's natural to put pressures on yourself. The issue is if you put TOO much pressure, you're going to end up flat on the ground, with a pounding headache and no idea where your shoes are.

I learned the hard way that I am only one person. One person who has a family, a day job, and a business. Take the time to breathe my loves.

I couldn't breathe after Dragons Den. I was deflated and had absolutely nothing left to offer. My body was forcing me to slow down, and I listened. I listened well. I lived for the "hustle" mentality.

My friend Kelly once said I was the "hardest working woman in Fredericton," and while I chuckled and blushed, I was actually losing focus. I was tired all the time and I wasn't fun to have around. Where is the fun in that?! Breathe! Ground yourself! Learn a new hobby! Read a book! Make time for you.

Afterall, a spark that finds fuel can ignite the world. Fan your flames, baby.

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